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With no shortage of nightlife and entertainment, Nassau and Paradise Island offer world-class destinations for those seeking an active lifestyle after the sun sets. From the largest casino in the Caribbean just steps from the luxury condos at THIRTY | SIX, to concerts, clubs, and lounges, and intimate local scenes, your social-life promises to be better than ever.

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Permanent Residency

Seeking permanent residency? Review our quick guide to the Bahamian Residency program


For individuals in the international community seeking permanent residency in the Bahamas for asset and wealth management or lifestyle, a real estate investment is an excellent consideration and legal avenue to achieving that status.

The Government of The Bahamas has a flexible process for granting Economic Permanent Residency (EPR) and maintains a flexible immigration policy, both designed to make it easy to live and work in The Bahamas.

Tax-Free Advantages

Bahamas FlagAs one of the world’s premiere international financial, banking, and tax-free jurisdictions, there are only a few things on which you pay taxes in The Bahamas. Capital gains, corporate earnings, personal income, inheritance and dividends are all tax-free. This applies not only to individuals, but also to all resident corporations, partnerships, and trusts. Tax advantages do not require that Bahamian residents remain in The Bahamas for any specific length of time in a given year. Learn more.

International Financial Centre

Bahamas international financial centre.The Bahamas prides itself as a sophisticated, international financial centre with over two hundred and fifty banks and trust companies licenced to do business within and from The Bahamas. Several different countries are represented within the Bahamas including the United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, the United States, Canada, Japan and Brazil.

• Download the Bahamas Financial Services Board International Investment Report

Application For Permanent Residency

Vista of the Atlantis from Thirty Six. The Bahamian Government considers that high net-worth individuals provide direct and indirect benefits to the Bahamian economy through employment, purchase of goods and services as well as banking and investment needs. As such, accelerated consideration for annual or permanent residency is given to major investors and owners of upscale Bahamian property such as those offered at Thirty Six Paradise Island.

Apply for Bahamas Economic Permanent Residency
Criteria to qualify for Economic Permanent Residency

Why Invest in Thirty | Six Paradise Island?

Surrounded by lush tropical landscape.Thirty Six Paradise is an exceptional property developed by Sterling Global Financial Limited. Side-step hours of research. Talk with one of our knowledgeable associates about your options when it comes to real estate and permanent residency in the Bahamas. Thirty Six Paradise Island is the latest luxury condo development on Paradise Island. The ideal Caribbean location coupled with innovative design contributes to making Thirty Six Paradise’s a stand-out Bahamian real estate investment.


1. Close proximity to major North American and Latin American financial centres.

2. Within 50 miles of the world’s largest economy.

3. Same time zone as New York and Toronto (EST).

4. Peaceful and stable democracy since 1729.

5. Independent nation with compliant legislation and consultative legislative approach.

6. No local taxes on capital gains, inheritance, corporate and personal income, dividends, and interest.

7. Proactive incentives for investment.

8. Highly trained industry professionals and an English speaking workforce.

9. Essential public services and modern infrastructure. 10. Ideal climate and lifestyle with many islands and cays to explore.

10. Ideal climate and lifestyle with many islands and cays to explore.